High-security, end-to-end-encrypted exchange of files with your business partners.


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How to use Drop@Emscher-Lippe-Cloud

Prior to using, it is necessary to create a key pair or to import a previously created one. If the public key of the desired recipient(s) is/are not yet known, then those must also be requested once for each recipient.

Then select the recipient(s) and the file(s) to be transferred on the tab Upload and upload them to the system. The data is now being encrypted for the recipient(s) locally within your browser and send afterwards.

The file(s) will be presented to the recipient(s) on the Download page or via the address


When downloading, the encrypted content is transferred to the browser, and the recipient's private key will be used to decrypt it locally. After successful transmission, the encrypted files may be completely deleted from the system at the same page.